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Retirement Line

The Challenge

The government announced radical changes to pensions in the 2014 Budget. As a result, Retirement Line’s enquiries halved overnight. Gravitate Digital was challenged to recover lead volumes to pre Budget levels, reduce high lead and customer acquisition costs and improve lead quality. Retirement Line had previously entrusted their digital account management to two of the UK’s leading digital agencies without success.

Our Approach

We recommended a combination of Gravitate Connect, Insights and Automation for Retirement Line. We created advertising campaigns and landing pages that resulted in higher impression, click through and conversion rates online – above and beyond  pre Budget levels. Gravitate Insights helped Retirement Line connect and interact more intelligently with their prospects resulting in higher offline conversion rates. Our validation and appending service has allowed Retirement Line to monetise leads that would have historically held no value. Gravitate Automation continues to be employed where possible to automate manual processes and drive productivity.


Retirement Line were in competition with their market peers in approximately 80% of cases. Gravitate Digital has reduced this to circa 25% using the Gravitate Connect service.

Average Commission

Retirement Line’s average commission has risen by 100% since 2014. Gravitate Connect can predict the commission value behind every click for Retirement Line.

Conversion Rates

Gravitate Digital has helped Retirement Line increase their conversion rates by circa 800%. This has been achieved by using a blend of our services – Gravitate Connect, Insights and Automation.

The Result

Retirement Line’s lead volumes have risen significantly since the 2014 Budget. Cost per lead and cost per acquisition goals have been achieved. Gravitate Digital were also able to increase Retirement Line’s average commission substantially. The percentage of times Retirement Line are in competition with their market peers has also reduced by 67%.    


Average Commission

Average commission has increased by 100%.


Cost Per Acquisition

Costs per acquisition has reduced by 85%.


Lead Volume

Lead volumes have increased by 250%.

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