Google’s launching click-to-message ads on Google Search

Google Connects Customers to Brands via SMS

Google Connects Customers to Brands via SMS 700 411 Gravitate Digital

Internet users who prefer to avoid lengthy sales calls after showing interest in a product online could soon benefit from Google’s new click-to-text ad – a tool connecting brands directly with customers via SMS messaging.

Given the ever increasing quantity of mobile driven traffic, this new tool from AdWords will allow customers to contact companies from their mobile after expressing  interest in ads found on Google’s search results page.

The new messaging extension is being rolled out globally over the coming weeks, and will appear below the main ad on Google search. If all goes to plan, this tool could eradicate the need for customers to wait on hold, wasting time and money on unnecessary sales calls.

How do click-to-text ads work?

As soon as users engage with click-to-text ads – which only appear on devices capable of sending text messages – their phone will automatically launch an SMS app. They will then receive a pre-populated message from the advertiser offering to help with any queries they may have.

Advertisers can edit the pre-populated text that customers will receive both at campaign and group level. Even better – these messages can be scheduled to appear at specific times to avoid loss of business outside office hours.  An autoresponder can also be used to let customers know when they can expect a reply text message if no one is currently available to reply.

Is the new system easy to use?

Although call ad extensions have existed for some time, this will be the first mainstream use of text ads. To help advertisers get to grips with the new tool, Google have released a best practice guide on messaging extensions. Set up seems straightforward and involves entering a few additional details into the Ad Extension tab in Adwords – although it’s not yet possible to measure levels of engagements from click-to-text ads alone.