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Gains In Search Visibility For Top Social Media Sites

Gains In Search Visibility For Top Social Media Sites 700 411 Gravitate Digital

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, among other leading social media sites, have seen massive gains in search visibility over the last 12 months thanks to their dynamic, differentiated content.

Following the introduction of Google’s Core Algorithm Update in early 2016 to help pinpoint user intent, sites containing archaic posts and dated articles experienced significant drops in search ranking, while those incorporating relevant, dynamic content scored highly.

General news domains and other publishing sites have been amongst the hardest hit, with online dictionaries and encyclopedias also struggling to maintain their position. This does not necessarily suggest that these sites have experienced a great loss in web traffic, but rather that the domain’s presence in Google’s organic search listings has reduced.

Social media hubs are amongst the fastest growing sites on the web today. Facebook boasts over 1.59 billion monthly active users and Pinterest is now a thriving community with more than 100 million members; it’s also rapidly gaining weight as a sales tool. These sites offer an extremely wide range of content that is found to be relevant for countless search queries. The information supplied is not broad or vague but highly specific – exactly what the majority of users are looking for.

Pinterest is now also using deep learning – a type of artificial intelligence which helps to generate more relevant results based on user behaviour, a key step in helping the site to produce more sticky posts and build up a loyal user database.

No longer will sheer volume of content impress

Highly specific and relevant content will become increasingly important to Google and other search engines over the coming year as the use of machine learning and AI grows, and the ability to understand search intent becomes even more accurate.

Popular portal websites such as Amazon and internet giants Google, YouTube and Reddit were also among the winners for search visibility in 2016.