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Amazon Spark launches for IOS Prime members

Amazon Spark launches for IOS Prime members 700 411 Gravitate Digital

Amazon’s new personalised social network Spark – launched earlier this month – is a place for Prime members to connect, share ideas and find inspiration for merchandise listed on the Amazon website.

Items are displayed in an Instagram style, shoppable feed and users are encouraged to submit posts, ideas and images of products they love in one extensive, online link based catalogue.

Currently accessed via app (the desktop version’s still in progress) Spark allows you to select upwards of five interests to follow on your personalised home feed, categories that reflect Amazon’s popular product hubs, including Books, Tech and Fitness.

While only Prime members can post and comment, anyone in Amazon’s extensive digital community using Apple’s IOS operating system can sign up and view the Spark feed.

How can I access Spark?

To open Spark from the Amazon app, simply visit the home screen, click the menu and scroll down to ‘programs and features’ where Spark is listed.

User experience is similar to Pinterest. Click on posts you find appealing to reveal links to items displayed within the image and you’ll be redirected to the Amazon site to make a purchase. There’s never a danger of disappointment from lack of stock as items are linked to Amazon’s inventory.

Could this be the start of brands moving away from established social networks?

While branded communities aren’t a particularly new concept, thanks to Amazon’s sizeable user base they should have no problem in pulling this off and monetising their own digital community.

Amazon’s decision to launch Spark confirms the continued importance of social media as a channel for customer engagement and product discovery – and redirecting traffic back towards their site will allow greater control over content and conversions.

It could also address the growing problem faced by brands wherein social media algorithms have become increasingly selective about the content they distribute organically, meaning brand reach is significantly reduced.

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